This special edition polo is indeed special because it is inspired by the momentum my brand is gaining by word of mouth, so to pay homage to this movement I have created a simple polo with no physical markings and just a Scuba Diver patch on left chest. This is the value instilled in our brand by my customers to catch attention and spread my story along. Again Thank You all for your support, we are getting there.



To Answer that question, I have no idea, I am very exhausted but am progressing forward with the brand. We have A lot of new supporters and followers since the launch of my small little shop in the mall. As Caffeine and my macbook are my best friends about right now, I am having the time of my life meeting new people and most of all getting my brand in to new places. ALOT of military business and very cool individuals you have jumped aboard the SS train. We are going full steam ahead stay tuned.

P.S. I am open 10-9 Every day Come See me


Good Wood NYC x Scuba Steve

February 17, 2010

This was a surprise in the mail today from Good Wood NYC, I thought this was very cool. Great work guys!

I just got an email from Phil, he was Extremely Gracious of the huge donation and said that his family in New Jersey would be flying to Haiti and handing out the over 80+ shirts we donated on the streets of Port De Prince. Very exciting news, he said the family was very blessed to have us help out, more updates coming soon as I receive them. Thank Ya’ll once again so much for your support, we have helped some good people and you can still help by shopping my store and each purchase goes towards a blank tee donation. Go to


Spring Arrivals…

February 10, 2010

Spring items are trickling in, the first up are Saints Superbowl Tees and 4 colors of the Long Awaited, Much anticipated Scuba Steve Hats. It all came out Amazing. Owner yours now.

With Love to Haiti…

February 3, 2010

Well my friends today was the day I shipped out our hard work as we came together for an awesome cause. Under my One for One program we raised and donated in full 82 blank tee shirts to the Haitian people. I sent them to Phil Annand and he will send them to his family, what ever they do not need and is left over they will hand out around them in the streets. I felt my One for One program could provide a tangible asset to the Haitian people as there is money flowing in like crazy this was something clean and physical that we could provide them with in a time of need.

I sincerely want to thank all of you that purchased and supported as we contributed to an amazing cause to amazing people who have never had a chance to actually enjoy life in the way that we all do and take for granted every day. God bless you followers and the suffering people of Haiti, may you rebuild back stronger than ever as I know you will.



I’m baaaaack…

January 25, 2010

After taking a Long hiatus from the blogosphere I have been studying design and trying to better myself for the future.  Business is up, buzz is building and I couldn’t be happier.  I have items trickling in for spring in the coming weeks.  So if you think I have been quiet it will be pedal to the metal for the rest of the season, just waiting to get everything set the way I would like.  Hats are being developed right now which I couldn’t be happier about, the response to the visors was good but I think the hats are going to be a rarity in itself.  Like always Thank YOU so much, YOU the consumer/reader comes first and make this brand what it is.  Enough of that, tomorrow night my interview with WLOX will air at 10 o’clock PM and again on Wednesday morning be sure to tune in and support your boy.  I am as we speak printing limited edition “Scub De Lis” Merchandise to commemorate our hometown team for going to the SuperBowl.  Those will go on Pre-Order tomorrow night at 6 O’clock Central time.  They will be unisex American Apparel tees as always.  I think I am doing about 30 so they should go pretty fast.  As Always THANK YOU and take care of yourself.


Fall has Arrived…

October 23, 2009

dirtroad4So my favorite time of year is here, We have the cool weather, well as cool as you  can expect in the south, Friends brought together by Football games and beer, Family is a Must as the Holidays are approaching…What a Great Time We are in right now!!

Not to mention The long awaited Scuba Steve Long Sleeve Tees will be making their way to people’s backs all around the world.  Something I have also been waiting for, for a very long time.  With a unique design and a quote that keeps me striving day to day on a dream that leads me off the well worn path.

I just wanted to post to not only let you know this cotton piece of goodness will be available today but to reflect on this moment right now in what a time we are in as listed above.  I LOVE this time of year.

Safe Holidays Travels my People and as Always I Love All of print_2-pocket_frontYou that support my Dream.

Thank YOU.


John Mayer Does it Again.

October 19, 2009

Amazing Song and Video, Great Production work.  I was just talking to a friend about John Mayer and saying what happened to him and then this came out and you see he’s still on top of his game, I Love it.  Atta boy John!


Where:  Hattiesburg, Ms Hardy St. in front of BOPS FROZEN MUSTARD

What time should I be there?  10-10 LUNCH AND DINNER.

Do I need to bring Cash?  Yes Please $20 dollars for each tee = Free Ltd. Koozie with purchase.

Can I bring a Friend? Yes!  Rent a Bus and Bring all of them, Charles and I will Valet.

But I want to Tailgate….?  Come have Lunch Pre-Game enjoy yourself, then head to the District! and Bring back more Friends for Dinner.

1000 out of 1000 found this Survey Helpful (thumbs up picture)

My People,

Itsss 11:37 P.M. Wednesday night and I Can’t Sleep, I am SUPER-excited about the Caliente + Scuba Steve Event this weekend.  This

is My first event since launching my brand briefly in December and Re-launching in March, I am anxious and just very excited-

I mean excuse my punctuation and all it’s not so great tonight and i don’t feel like going back –  So Nobody could show up Saturday

and A LOT of people could show up, Our response hasn’t been so great on the Facebook Event invitation but hey that’s OK!

We did an interview with the Student Printz (Sam Schott/writer editon, me – Big Fan) and Hattiesburg American both were

Great opportunities and I got to express my brand a little more like I have wanted in the past, not the disaster I had in Texas but

this time much better.  They are Great articles, Go Pick them up!! I know the Student Printz article came out today and i’m not sure when they are going to print the Hattisburg American.  But regardless I’m honored to do this with Charles I have admired

him from an entrepreneurial standpoint for a couple years AMAZING restraunte (i never spell that word right) After hearing his story the other night I thought it was even cooler hearing how it all came about.

Bradley Myers band is performing, he’s the man, Funniest Coolest Guy ever and Great Music.  He won a Grammy Last year.

So I intended on Releasing the Season 2 Collection this weekend but that is on hold until further notice, we have had to go in and re-do some work and We are shooting the video and Lookbook after wards and TOTALLY revamping the Website.  The current

Website as you know it – n173838684514_3252164205_logo_finalwill be Trashed in a few weeks!  I’m not happy with it and it’s not customizable for me anddd not user friendly as many of you have found out the hard way (SORRY)  So my friend in the UKraine is Re-doing it from the bottom up new

design TOTALLY customizable Very excited about that but sad to see my front page go 😦  but we will be fine.

I hope ALL of you can make it to Hattiesburg, MS this weekend if you don’t know it’s on Hardy ST. across from Bops Great Mexican cuisine very Modern burritos, tacos just amazing food!!, My tees are amazing the music is equal to both so you will have a Great time.  BRING FRIENDS.

We are all going to have a Great time and I am looking forward to a Great day of meeting new people, seeing existing customers, and The Great Atmosphere we are serving up.

*** We are donating a bit of the Proceeds to the Young Entrepreneurial fund to help people Like us who have a dream and need help proceeding on with that dream.  You live once everyone is entitled to shoot for the stars!

Ok, i’m fnished Rambling  As Always-  I LOVE YALL!!!!!!!!!!

Ya’ll participating and supporting my dream Means More than Anything Else in the world to me THANK YOU.

Night ya’ll and Good Morning to those of You on the other side of the world.